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Ely, Minnesota    ~    Sonja Jewell, NTS, CMT

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~ Testimonials  from  some  of  Sonja's  clients ~

“Early in the fall of 2013 I went to see Sonja after 3 months of being ill. I had recognized signs that I had an overgrowth of yeast in my system and some kind of auto-immune system issue. However, I could not seem to heal myself using nutritional techniques and supplements that I had thought would help. During my visit with Sonja she was able to discover that although I had been on the right track with my own self-prescribed treatment that there was also much more going on with my body. She quickly identified a bacterial infection, food allergies, and other specific nutritional deficiencies. She then diagramed out a health plan for me to follow and put me on a diet including the correct nutritional healing supplements. I noticed an improvement in my health within the first week of seeing Sonja and within a short time I felt fully recovered. Before I would consider going to a traditional medical appointment again, I would not hesitate to choose to seek out Sonja for help. She has a wealth of knowledge and insight. I am grateful she and her staff are in this community!”
                                 ~ Kathy C.

“At my age of 77 I feel great comfort that your alternative non-invasive services are here to help me – they are truly leading edge! Everyone at the Evergreen Cottage is so friendly – it’s like being with family – and help and answers are there for my health problems. It is great!”
                                 ~ Don J.

“When I first walked through the doors at the Evergreen Cottage, it was because I was so disappointed with prescriptions/chemicals being the only way to treat my ‘problems’. I had always had faith in alternative treatments. So I made an appointment and it was the best, most selfish decision I have made in many years. I had the Complete Health Assessment, and when I left there, I would begin on a path to a so-much-better, healthier lifestyle, that I had never achieved in all of my 69 years. One thing that changed as soon as I followed Sonja’s suggestions, was a very ‘hard’ dry cough that had been hanging on since the early 90s , was ‘gone’. My primary care physicians had tried to diagnose the cause during this time, to no avail. My assessment showed I was allergic to wheat…..Sonja suggested I give up wheat for 90 days and “…we’ll see.” That’s all it took. During my testing, Sonja found a weakness in my left kidney and a few other things….so, when I left there that day I had four natural supplements to jump-start the process, and plans in-hand, to begin a Mediterranean-type eating lifestyle….and a lot of confidence and knowledge I didn’t have when I made the appointment. I am on a fixed income, so my budget is very limited….but even though the new lifestyle is pricier than I’d like, I look at it as an investment. Sonja was so ‘right’ in her evaluation…..I had a very large kidney stone in the left kidney….and it took my doctors almost 9 months to diagnose it. BUT, we’ve (my health guru and I) been ‘working’ on this and there is no more blood in the urine, no pain, and I feel very good, mentally and physically. Along this pathway to a healthier life, I have lost 87 pounds and I can’t even begin to list the little, positive changes I enjoy every day. This does take dedication, but selfishly, it’s all for me. I have the BEST support group at the Evergreen Cottage….the best guides, in Sonja. I have always loved who I am…..and I love life…..and now I can truly believe that ‘life loves me’.
                                       ~ S.S.          

“I have been coming to see you now for about one year. My experiences have been all positive. You have helped me (and my family) so much. My life used to be consumed by PMS. I would have about one good week every month. Now, PMS is really a thing of the past. I hardly know when it comes and goes. Also, your staff is wonderful. I truly feel like you care about me as a person. We are very fortunate to have you in our community.”
                                         ~ Lynn L.

“I am not going to elaborate on the details about the way Sonja treated me since it will be different for everyone. Instead, I will talk about the results I had from her treatments. Also I can’t fully explain how sick I was when coming to see her, but my doctors and I were at a loss. At this point, I was willing to try something different. Before my first visit with Sonja, my doctors treated me for asthma for 12 years. I was entirely dependent on my inhaler. The first time I saw Sonja, I was so sick and short of breath I could hardly walk across the room without turning shades of purple. I saw improvement after my first visit. I haven’t used my inhaler at all in 9 months. Over the last week, I cut, split, and stacked 4 cords of firewood, leveled a 36’x34’ area, and dug almost 140’ of trench so I can build a new garage. This shows very clearly the vast improvement in my health. As with anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. I have been entirely diligent in following Sonja’s advice, and she has been willing to work with me when I stumble across new information on my own. I cannot thank Sonja enough for the remarkable changes in my health. Give her a year of your time, and don’t be afraid to change your lifestyle. Be patient with your body. It will be worth it!”
                                       ~ Keith A.

“I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by an arthritis specialist and also knew that I was chemically sensitive. Through the testing that Sonja uses, she was able to ascertain exactly what my sensitivities were, so I could avoid them, if possible. The testing also showed various body systems that were underperforming. It didn't take long, through the nutritional supplementation that Sonja recommended, for each system to come back up to 100%. A supplement would be used for a month or two to bring a specific body system back to health and then discontinued. Within only a few months, I was operating with much more energy - and more sustained energy - than I had in years. One way that fibromyalgia manifested itself in me was that I seemed to have a limited amount of energy that I could operate under and when that was spent I would "hit a wall:” with no warning, all energy was sapped and I would just have to go to bed and rest. I started with Sonja in September 2009 and by February 2010, not only was I able to chair the Ely Winter Festival with all the energy expenditure that entails, but performed a concert during the Festival and danced at the end of the concert! Believe me, that would have been impossible before I recovered my health with Sonja's help.

I have been interested in alternative health for decades and had been "self-diagnosing" all these years with my supplementation. I am relieved to have true professional guidance, based on my body's signals, as to which supplements, and at what amount, I should take. The Standard Process supplements that Sonja uses are organic, low dose, excellent real food supplements. I brought in to Sonja some of the vitamin and mineral supplements that I had previously been taking and we tested them with my body, which rejected most of them. They contained artificial ingredients which not only did not help provide the nutrition I was seeking, they actually irritated my body and made me less healthy.”
                                          ~ Irene H.

“I am a person that will probably always have to watch out for Candida overgrowth in my body. Through Sonja’s assessment, Sonja accurately pinpointed my body’s need to be extremely careful with sweeteners, and with other foods that encourage Candida overgrowth. Sonja also identified the need for further assessment beyond her services, as environmental factors seemed to be playing a part in my severe skin flare-ups. I later went to a renowned allergy clinic and identified strong inhalant allergies that I was completely unaware of, as well as a few food sensitivities. Sonja’s services have been part of the huge learning experience and my new path to controlling Candida. I am also extremely grateful that Sonja provides a place to purchase some of these foods. Thank you!”
                                              ~ C.D.H.

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